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AthletiPack Tactical

Sale price$75.00 Regular price$100.00

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AthletiPack Tactical
AthletiPack Tactical Sale price$75.00 Regular price$100.00

Customer Reviews

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James Webb
best new addition to my gear locker!

The Athleti pack is my go to daily carry. It holds everything i need for a day like my phone, keys, a drink, wallet,pens and a small notebook. The versatility of the many different ways to wear the pack is incredible. I usually have it as a sling for my day to day, but i use the harness for running, skiing, and more recently on my long bike rides. With all of the gear loops and different tabs i have been able to maximize the versatility of Trent’s designs. If you need a stylish bag for a night out, or easy access while running during a mountain ultra. This pack will be an excellent tool to add to your quiver of gear.

Very Happy Customer
Fits All My Essentials

My Tactical AthletiPack holds my wallet, lip gloss, pens, phone,my small conceal carry weapon, glasses, and a few other daily items with room to spare; all the while sitting comfortably across my body. I love the many options in fabric colors and in how to carry my AthletiPack. I have tried all the position options and my favorite is the cross body position for every day use. However, when I hike or go for a long walk I secure it in front for easy access and comfort. What an amazing fashionable invention for a women of any age to carry a concealed weapon comfortably with all my essentials, and no one can tell. Thank you AthletiPack!

works great

I'm not what you would call an athlete so I don't use it in that way. I like the convenience of having items (phone, glasses, money, etc.) within easy access. I can reach all those items in one spot - especially convenient in a car - no gymnastics to get glasses or phone out of a pocket. It is also nice to have all those things already in the pack - just grab it when heading out the door. It handles the smaller frame pistols fine, something along the lines and size of the Sig 365. It isn't really made to hold a standard or large frame pistol.

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