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AthletiPack Lite

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What separates AthletiPack is its modular webbing system. Use the buckles and loops to easily swap between the two webbings: Elastic and Non-Elastic.

Elastic is recommended for anti-bounce and providing better weight distribution, while Non-Elastic is recommended for everyday carry (or while carrying heavier loads).  

Total Capacity is roughly 1.75 Liters, including the expandable front pocket and side pockets. Exterior water bottle holder add-on boosts the max water carrying capacity to 2 Liters, ideal for day hikes or longer trips. 

By default, the packs come with both strap systems. You can order them individually (or none at all) for cost savings.

We offer over 12 different fabric options, so you can express your personal style while enjoying unmatched functionality.

By default, the packs come with both strap systems. You can order them individually (or none) for cost savings.

🏃‍♀️ Run with Confidence: Our adjustable elastic webbing adapts to your body, providing stability without compromising your breathing or movement. 

🔑 Keep Your Essentials Close: Securely carry your phone, wallet, water, and keys with ease. No more discomfort or bouncing!

🌦️ Weather-Proof: Don't worry about rain damaging your valuables – our waterproof packs have you covered.

Looking for a custom pack? Check out our AthletiPack Page here.

AthletiPack Lite
AthletiPack Lite Sale price$37.00 Regular price$60.00


Max Capacity: 1.75 Liters

Recommended Max Load: 5 Lbs

Fits up to two 700 mL water bottles

Run in Comfort 🎒

Keeps essentials secure & bounce free

Quick Access 📱

Carry essentials such as phone, wallet, keys, snacks, and more.

Stay Hydrated 💧

Carry water inside or outside the pack.

Overview Video

Dive into what AthletiPack has to offer by checking out our overview video.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael Heinsen
Great for both exercise and day-to-day life

While mountain biking in the hills of Southern California, my AthletiPack kept all my belongings safe, snug, and secure against my body. I chose to use the elastic webbing in a single-shoulder configuration, and it truly was a world of difference from past experiences. I was able to solely focus on my movements without having to constantly worry about my belongings shifting or falling out of my pockets, or having to bring a cumbersome backpack for just my phone, wallet, and keys. Additionally, as a drummer and audio/video technician, the AthletiPack provides great utility as it facilitates ease of access to the tools I immediately need without having to dig through my pockets or backpack. Lastly, being an avid concert-goer, I can always count on the AthletiPack to keep my essential belongings safe and secure, even in a mosh pit! Gone are the days of nervously checking my pockets to make sure nothing fell out. I couldn't recommend their product enough, and paired with their excellent customer service, AthletiPack has deservedly earned themselves a life-long supporter!

A truly versatile bag! Very pleased.

This Athletipack is great! I use it almost daily for holding my essential items (wallet, keys, phone etc.)
For running - a much better solution than any other bag or fanny pack/body-bag out there.

Moto pack

My experience using the athletic pack is great, I have nothing but good things to say about the pack as I use this for motorcycle riding primarily. It’s lite weight with the perfect amount of straps securing it so good that even wind at 80mph doesn’t effect it from blowing around. I normally use this for my power bank to charge my phone and to hold some road trip snacks. Great multi purpose pack.

Rebekah Broyles
Time & Convenience Saver!

Have you ever been out and about on a walk or hike with your kids? At a park? Out for a run? If so this pack is for you! You will be able to fit a couple snacks, drink, a small towel, etc in it! I know as a mom this has come in so handy and allows me to be outdoors with my family without a big bulky bag weighing me down! We love athletipack!!

Daniela Jimenez
Great bag!! Holds so much!!

I absolutely love this pack! It can hold so much! I did a review on TikTok and definitely going to be my go to for my hot girl walks!

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