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About US

I’m Trent Hughes, Founder of AthletiPack. 

AthletiPack began with a vision of creating a comfortable, all purpose pack that used an elastic webbing. 

I started the journey in 2020 by gathering fabric from my local Michaels and ordering buckles from Amazon.

Using very crude methods and elastic bands I had on hand, I came up with the very first prototype of the Elastic Webbing:

First Elastic Webbing Prototype

It was a pain to put on and there were no ways to adjust tension, but it was a start!

I listened to feedback and continued to change the design. After lots of testing, we came up with our core elastic webbing systems with shock cord & ring adjustment system.

With our core webbing designs sorted, it was time to start making packs!

With help from my mentor Matt, I spent the next few months learning about pattern design, materials selection, and of course sewing. Since then, we’ve created the AthletiPack (Regular, Lite & Tactical variations), Travel Pack, and our Running Backpack.

Our Team of 3 has made over 200 Packs & Counting!

Our Values

AthletiPack at Lakefest 2023

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Thanks for taking the time to read about our origin story and we hope you get value from AthletiPack!