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Article: How to Carry Your Phone While Running

AthletiPack with Phone

How to Carry Your Phone While Running

The Smartphone is an innovation that has completely transformed our lives. Considering its usefulness, it makes sense to bring our phones with us in most situations, whether that’s going out for a run, walking the dog, or taking a quick trip to the grocery store. 

However, coming in at about 6-8 Ounces (without a case) on average, our phones weigh enough such that it can be challenging to comfortably carry it without a noticeable reduction in mobility. This article explores the pros and cons of the many options you have to carry your phone with you, whether you’re on a 5 minute walk, or a 2000 mile thru-hike! 

  1. Carry it in your Hand

The simplest option. If you’re looking to avoid purchasing any gear to carry your phone, the best option is to carry it. However, carrying your phone occupies your hand and limits articulations of the arms and wrists during movement. While this may be fine on light jogs, if you’re doing an all-out sprint this will create a considerable reduction on your movement efficiency. 


  •         Easy access at any time
  •         Requires no extra gear


  •         Cumbersome on long excursions
  •         Hands are occupied and limits movement


2. Place it in clothing pockets

You’re wearing pants with pockets, this is a great option for convenience. However, not all pants have pockets, and the ones that do are not equal in regards to bounce resistance. Pants with large, open-ended, non-stretchy pockets, for example, will experience bounce and the phone can potentially fall out of the pocket. If you wear pants with a stretchy inner liner pocket (as in the picture below) or use shorts with a zipper closure, this will help minimize this problem (with the tradeoff being taking slightly longer to access your phone).


  •         Easy access at any time
  •         Many different options
  •         Multipurpose


  •         Might cause clothing to sag
  •         Hard to use in certain positions (i.e. squatting)
  •         Contents inside pockets tend to bounce
  •         Theft risk


                        Stretch Pockets to Help with the Bounce Problem


                    Phone Bouncing Around in Loose Pocket

                                       Pocket vs. AthletiPack 

3.Use an Arm Band

Arm bands leave the hands free during a run, and keep the phone within easy access. You can attach headphones to your phone and check your screen without taking your phone out of the band. However, since the weight is connected to the upper body and far away from your centerline, it is unbalanced. Also, you encounter the same problem as Method #1 (carrying it) when doing explosive movements such as sprinting or jumping.


  •         Can access and see phone without taking it out
  •         Easy to use headphones without tangling the cord


  •         Unbalanced
  •         Harder to find bands that fit big phones
  •         Only designed to carry phone

4.  Use a Running Belt

Running belts have gained in popularity over the years. There are a lot of options out there depending on how much you want to carry. Some belts (such as the Dimok belt pictured below) incorporate elastic webbing which helps to minimize bounce


  •         Hands-free method of carrying a phone
  •         Lots of options
  •         Close to centerline (balanced)


  •         Adds extra weight to the hips 
  •        Harder to use with wired headphones 

  1.     Use the AthletiPack

The AthletiPack’s design has a divider in the main compartment which allows easy access to the main compartment through a dual zipper design. The pack can be worn as a fanny pack or on the chest and both ways incorporate the elastic webbing assembly which provides extreme bounce resistance. The pack keeps the load centralized and close to your body. Wear with a Non-Elastic webbing near the hips for extremely quick access to your phone, comparable to standard pants pockets. 


  •         Easy Access to phone
  •         Elastic Webbing provides extreme bounce resistance
  •         Option to wear on chest, waist, or back
  •         Multipurpose (use for EDC, Travel, Hiking, etc.)


  •         Slightly less quick access than standard pants pockets while standing.
AthletiPack Phone Pocket

 AthletiPack Optional Add On - Elastic Stretch Pocket




This would make a perfect gift for someone.

Richard Hicks

So versatile!

Janet K

This would be wonderful for our many hikes and also perfect for hubby’s chemo bottle !

Trina Goodwin

These are perfect.


Looks compact, secure and not too cumbersome.

Keith VonBernewitz

I like the print bag best.

Dolores Harris

pretty kewl


This would be perfect for traveling.

Steve Scott

I would love to win this would be the best Christmas present ever for my daughter 😊

Janice Todd

So many of my pants just don’t have pockets. This would be perfect for hiking and enable to have my phone for all the beautiful pictures, but leave me hands free while traversing the dangerous rocks.

Kathy Scott

Great information, thanks

Catherine Cole

This would be great to have. Very useful.

Geralyn Janczak

Thanks for the new inspo!

Lisa Mayne

just what I’ve been looking for.

cindy quisenberry

This is such a cute little bag😊


I sure wish they had this 20 years ago!

Catherine D.

Great product to keep our phone safe, but accessible.

Joanne Elford

I absolutely love the versatility – and it looks so durable. Nice job!

tricia hosking

I need one of these in my life for sure!

Chad Boyd

Great gear for hikes and the active life.

Arthur Otsuka

Well, it’s settled then, AthletiPack is the best way to store your phone when active!!

Lucy Knelsen

i like the discussions and demos

curtis silver

This would be great for me when I’m walking my dogs! My cell phone is rather bulky to place in my pants pocket.

Robert T

Perfect for our hiking trips.

Pamela Muldowney

This looks like a great way to hold onto my phone when I’m walking like crazy throughout downtown haha


This looks perfect for me when cycling! I’ve been looking for something practical yet fashionable and this is it! :-)

Lisa D

Super cute. I would love them for my babies and I. 💖

Linda Yip

This is pretty cool. This would be convivence to use.


I sure can use all the help I can dmget constantly moving something


These look super convenient!

Kateland Webb

Can’t leave home without it.

Sharon of Ohio

This is perfect for carrying protection while outdoors.

Jared cole

This would be perfect to carry my things while I take the kids to the park

Michael Sojka

I’ve been using my athletipack for my phone every time I run, walk, ride my bike and is great. I don’t even feel it there. I plan to use it for my wallet when I travel also as will fit under a jacket and nobody will know it’s there. Great product!


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