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Article: 10 Ways to Wear the AthletiPack

10 Ways to Wear the AthletiPack

10 Ways to Wear the AthletiPack

 The AthletiPack is a versatile piece of gear that quickly adapts to any situation. Our modular design allows easy removal and installation of various webbing types, thus giving the pack the ability to be worn in 10 different ways:

#1: Front Pack. Excellent bounce resistance and great accessibility. Practical for all light to medium carry needs. Wear in this position with your favorite backpack to unlock the best of both worlds!


#2: Front pack (No waist belt). Use this method to simplify the process of putting on and for maintaining quick access to your stuff. Works great for carrying light loads during high intensity activities like sprinting, biking, or hiking.

#3: Fanny/Waist Pack. Use this method for excellent bounce resistance and to transfer the load to the hips. Wear on the backside or frontside. Disconnect stabilizer strap or use waist belt webbing for best results. 

#4: Backpack. Use this method for excellent bounce resistance and for comfortably carrying heavier loads.

AthletiPack Frontpack to Backpack
Quick Tip: Switch between Frontpack & Backpack on-the-go

#5: Backpack (Alternate). Same as before, except the pack is upside down and the hipbelt is detached. Ensure the G hook side of the stabilizer strap is disconnected while the buckle side is connected.  

#6: Backpack (w/backpack only webbing). Same as method 6, except that it uses a larger G-hook and it’s adjustment mechanism is on the opposite side.

#7: True Sling. Use this method for quick trips and casual wear. Rock the pack on the frontside or backside as you would with any sling bag! Simply detach the hipbelt using the Slik Clip and detach the stabilizer strap using the metal G-hook and you're done!

#8: Non-elastic Strap. Great for casual use and everyday carry. Just remove the elastic webbing assembly + hipbelt and connect the strap to the top webbing loops using the gated hook. 

#9: Non-elastic Strap w/ hipbelt. Great for transferring the load to the hips and preventing pack bounce. Wear on the front or backside.

#10 Backpack with Non-elastic straps. Requires 2 straps. Use for a more traditional backpack experience.

Bonus Method: AthletiPack as Loincloth. When you forget your clothes and release your inner Tarzan 😂
AthletiPack as Loincloth 
Non Elastic w/ Hipbelt
Front Pack/ Hipbelt
Switch between front pack to backpack


I love the different ways you can wear it. So versatile

Kayla Sheehan

Wow it’s really ergonomonic ! Really useful during trips


Love it

Nate Egerton

so cute!

Madeline W

I like the colorful one. I would use this every day!

Rebecca Foughty

These bags are carefully thought out, versatile and very well made. Thank you for all the extra detail and workmanship. Well done!


Great advice. I like your blog. Very informative articles.

Daniel Hawkins


Gabriella Verhaeg

Woah the convertability of this bag is insane! Great for any type of adventure!

Kimberley C

I would totally use this for hikes pockets just don’t work out ever


Amazing bag for hiking. Perfect size, non-intrusive and very ergonomic design!

Spencer McKay

I love the versatility of this awesome bag.

Thomas Gibson

Great versatility! We like to travel and this would be so useful!

Nicole B

The bags are useful in many ways


loove hikking – with comfy backpack

John Sweeney

These are very versatile and would be so useful in many ways!😃


Thank you! I want to try this bag, but have no idea how to wear it.


The medium size would be perfect for me.

Kate Morris



Great for daytripping


Compact and convenient!

Kelly D

I like the versatility; you can carry it multiple ways


i like these

Liz Kilcher

These look like they would be really useful.


I have one of these. I didn’t know you can wear it like a fanny pack. Very useful!


What a great little pack perfect for carrying personal items such as phone, keys and bank card great as a walker, runner and no big bulky purse getting in the way and would be what I could use for travelbtoo keep items close. Sure could use one of these.

Leeanne C

Those are fantastic to carry on me while walking and running.

Olivia Clow

Snug fit is ideal


Great product. Love for my workouts.

Joanne lowery

Now these looks so comfortable and necessary accessories too love them.

Pat Riley

I could 15O percent use one of these nice looking and comfy looking backpacks as I only ride a bike to get around town and to do my groceries and such. I could use a better bag that will actually not kill my back when trying to make it home with a load of food. This thing looks tough and built to last I’d love to try and review one for you guys. Good luck friends and thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

Trisha jean huff

I think that 6 different wearing styles is all that 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I would love to wear it as a Fanny pack 👊👊👊

Lynn MacDougall

I like the style and look!

Sandra Watts

Those bags look awesome!!

Heather santos

Can Ladies who have tried it worn to the front let me know if it pinches your chest?


Those bags look sick!

Michi N

The different ways of wearing the AthletiPack is something that I wouldn’t have considered….brilliant!

Reginald Johnson

i like that it can be worn several ways


I love how versatile these are! They are perfect for when I’m out shopping, going to yard sales, hiking, festivals!

Patty Farnsley

Thanks for showing how versatile these packs are.

Donna F Doyle

I love that it is so versatile!

Saundra McKenzie

Great tips, thanks for sharing!

Andre Mendes

These are cool ❤🎅🤶💚☃❄💙

Johanna Newman

These are super neat!!

Amy tolley

This is a very versatile pack I like it.

Tony Platz

So many ways to be warn and used its awesome , light weight and super useful , awesome

john cressy

My friend has one he uses in addition to a hiking pack.

Tracy Ann



Thank you! Very helpful!

Katrina Dehart

Love these products and great prices


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